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LactiGo is the Next-Generation Sports Performance Solution.

LactiGo enables you to unlock your body’s true potential by helping you push the limits of your fitness routine. LactiGo has been shown to help increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.



Our scientifically crafted formula, infused with carnosine and magnesium, optimizes muscle function and endurance, helping you push past limits effortlessly.


Say goodbye to prolonged downtime. LactiGo accelerates your body's natural recovery process, ensuring you bounce back faster and stronger after every workout or competition.

What's So Special?

LactiGo is a the first topical sports performance and recovery product for weekend warriors to elite athletes.

Our team is focused on continuing to bring novel products to help athletes recover faster, and perform at their best.

Used by Teams and Athletes in the NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS, RUGBY. LactiGo Has become synonymous with peak performance capabilities and reduced downtime after hard training. Players see it as a vital aspect of their professional career.

LactiGo Study: Evaluation of the Efficacy of Lactigo™ Topical Gel as an Ergogenic Aid

Our formula is not only patented, but peer-reviewed and studied to prove its efficacy in improving performance and recovery amongsth athletes.