On your very first application, LactiGo can help you maintain your peak performance for longer, while also reducing your recovery time.

Crushing Runs Everesting

Independent Peer Reviewed Study:

Evaluation of the Efficacy of LactiGo Topical Gel as Ergogenic Aid

The elite male soccer players who applied LactiGo topical gel experienced significant improvements in tests of maximal aerobic capacity and anaerobic work capacity. The improvements in both tests were after the first application of LactiGo topical gel.

Key Findings:

1) 5.41% ± 4.80% improvement in the Yo-Yo test.

2) Time to complete the all-out 1000 m running tests improved by 4.13% ± 0.68%

3) Proven to increase performance in athletes by up to 15% after only one application

Finished faster

Independent Double Blind Study:

In a double blind study, Athletes applied LactiGo for their very first time only 40 minutes prior to testing.

These athletes ran the 40 yard dash and crossed the finish line up to 5.9 feet sooner!

“The results were ASTRONOMICAL. This is a revolutionary product that will change sports!”

Je'Ney Jackson
Director of Football Strength and Conditioning

"LactiGo is the real deal. The study conducted by Chad Macias and Tim Sharpe using elite soccer players as subjects proved that the gel enhances sports performance in a big way and is safe. Even more compelling data is emerging to show how beneficial this is going to be."

Brad Dieter, PhD

Health and Safety Are Core Values at LactiGo

We diligently work with health and safety professionals, compliance organizations, and leading scientists to ensure that our products are safe from banned substances.

The Informed-Sport program provides assurance that products have been tested for a wide range of substances prohibited in sport.