Nearly 100% of LactiGo users see measurable results. As a supplement to our numerous testimonials, the faculty of University of Western States & University of San Diego conducted a study to evaluate LactiGo as an ergogenic aid.

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PILOT STUDY: Evaluation of the Efficacy of LactiGo™ Topical Gel as Ergogenic Aid

Conducted By: Faculty of University of Western States & University of San Diego

Published By: Journal of Exercise Physiology (June 2016)

Number of Participants: 11 elite soccer players

Significant findings:

1) 5.41% ± 4.80% improvement in the Yo-Yo test.

2) Time to complete the all-out 1000 m running tests improved by 4.13% ± 0.68%

3) The increase in aerobic and anaerobic work capacity evidenced after the use of LactiGo™ topical gel suggests that it could serve as an ergogenic aid.


The data obtained from this investigation indicate that the elite male soccer players who applied LactiGo™ topical gel experienced significant improvements in tests of maximal aerobic capacity and anaerobic work capacity. The documented improvements in both tests were observed after the first application of LactiGo™ topical gel.