Nearly 100% of LactiGo users see measurable results. As a supplement to our numerous testimonials, the faculty of University of Western States & University of San Diego conducted a study to evaluate LactiGo as an ergogenic aid.

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PILOT STUDY: Evaluation of the Efficacy of LactiGo™ Topical Gel as Ergogenic Aid

Conducted By: Faculty of University of Western States & University of San Diego

Published By: Journal of Exercise Physiology (June 2016)

Number of Participants: 11 elite soccer players

Significant findings:

1) 5.41% ± 4.80% improvement in the Yo-Yo test.

2) Time to complete the all-out 1000 m running tests improved by 4.13% ± 0.68%

3) The increase in aerobic and anaerobic work capacity evidenced after the use of LactiGo™ topical gel suggests that it could serve as an ergogenic aid.


The data obtained from this investigation indicate that the elite male soccer players who applied LactiGo™ topical gel experienced significant improvements in tests of maximal aerobic capacity and anaerobic work capacity. The documented improvements in both tests were observed after the first application of LactiGo™ topical gel.

The research was not conducted as part of employment with UWS or USD, not overseen by UWS IRB, nor sponsored by UWS or USD. UWS and USD does not endorse any product, device, or service.