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What's LactiGo?

LactiGo Is...

🌟 Enhanced Performance

Our meticulously engineered formula is enriched with carnosine and magnesium, vital compounds that enhance muscular function and stamina. This advanced blend is designed to facilitate peak performance, enabling athletes to exceed their limitations with remarkable ease.

💪 Accelerated Recovery

Experience reduced recovery times with our LactiGo Topical Gel. Our formula promotes faster physiological recuperation, optimizing the natural healing processes of your body. This ensures you return to training or competition stronger and more prepared, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance efficiency.

Who Uses LactiGo?

Professional Athletes to Weekend Warriors

⚡ Combat Fatigue

Tired of feeling drained halfway through your training session? LactiGo's innovative formula fights muscle fatigue at its core, keeping you energized and focused until the finish line.

🩹 Soothe Soreness

Whether it's post-workout muscle soreness or the strains of everyday life, LactiGo provides instant relief, soothing sore muscles and joints for unmatched recovery times.


Developed by scientists, coaches, and embraced by pros, our patented formula is a global choice for top athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

LactiGo Performance and Recovery Gel [100ml] - LactiGo

"I am obsessed with LactiGo.. This allows my guys to go harder, for longer..."

Will Davis, Former NFL Cornerback - Miami Dolphins

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From Our LactiGo Pros:

From Our LactiGo Pros:

"I wish I knew about LactiGo during my career.. Now my athletes won't train or play without it."
— Jeff Lovecchio, Retired NHL Pro

"The Best Kept Secret" - ESPN

LactiGo Update: We're stoked to see all the hype and attention around LactiGo and the benefits professional athletes are seeing from using our product. LactiGo really is game-changing. Big things to come in 2024.

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