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Banned substance tested for athletes' assurance

LactiGo 10 Pack

It's GO time.

LactiGo is an effective, fast-acting, topical gel with menthol and carnosine that helps people maximize their athletic performance and muscle recovery.

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Go further, faster, with LactiGo

  • Includes carnosine, which plays a key role in athletic performance and recovery
  • Prevents muscle fatigue
  • Topical application, nothing to ingest!
  • Informed-sport certified
  • Menthol formulation relieves muscle pain during, and after exercise, limiting your need for downtime.
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LactiGo 100ml Bottle

LactiGo 3.4 fl.oz. (100ml) Bottle

About 10 full-body workouts


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"I'm in my mid 40's ... and it's good timing to get something that helps."

"My pace per mile has gone down 20 seconds per mile just using LactiGo."

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"We didn't have another cramp the rest of the season."

How to Apply LactiGo

When to Use


Topically apply LactiGo 45 minutes prior to your workout, activity, or competition.

For added recovery benefits, also apply LactiGo after your post-activity shower. Applying LactiGo pre-workout helps with your activity performance, while post-workout application assists with recovery.

How Much to Use

How Much...

For full-body application, use at least 8 pumps and rub thoroughly on to your skin.

It should take about 30 seconds to dry. If it dries too quickly, then you likely didn’t apply enough! 8 pumps is the equivalent of about (10ml or 0.3 fl. oz.) .

Where to Use


LactiGo should be applied on the areas of your body that are going to be most active.

For example, if you’re going for a run, then cover your legs. If you’re doing an arm workout, then apply it to your arms.

Who Should Use


LactiGo is widely used by people from all walks of life, from recreational enthusiasts to professional athletes.

The performance and recovery benefits help at every level of activity.