Go Further... Faster with LactiGo

LactiGo will help you recover while you perform to a higher level than ever before

  • Recover faster during and after athletic activity
  • Topical carnosine gel, applied directly to the desired muscles for targeted results
  • Relieve pain during and after exercise, reducing downtime
  • Prevents muscle fatigue that limits athletic performance
Informed Choice Certified
Informed Sport Certified

LactiGo Menthol 100ml Gel Pump Bottle 10 Pack

LactiGo Menthol 100ml Gel Pump Bottle 10 Pack
10 bottles contain enough LactiGo for about 100 full-body workouts.

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Active Ingredients: Menthol 1.25%.

Inactive Ingredients: Ethoxdiglycol, Glycerine, L-Carnosine, Magnesium Sulphate, Phenoxyethanol, Water, Xanthan Gum.

The Process

Apply LactiGo

First, apply LactiGo liberally to your desired targeted muscle areas 30-45 minutes before athletic activity.

Powerful menthol

LactiGo’s powerful menthol and carnosine formulation immediately start going to work on your muscles.

Reduce lactic acid

During exercise lactic acid builds up in the muscles causing fatigue and soreness, which can slow you down.

Reduce muscle fatigue

LactiGo reduces the pain from lactic acid build up, allowing you to perform at higher levels for a longer periods of time.

Another coat of LactiGo

As your athletic activity comes to an end, apply another coat of LactiGo on your desired targeted muscle areas.

Reduce downtime

As you rest, LactiGo continues to go to work by reducing muscle soreness, significantly reducing your downtime!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that you're going to love LactiGo!

We're standing behind it with a full refund on the product if you are somehow not satisfied. Order a bottle, and if you don't like it, you get to keep it anyways.

If You Aren’t Using LactiGo,
You Are Missing Out.

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Todd F.
United States

Good stuff

Lactigo works really well.. less soreness the next day after racing mountain bikes.. during the race the legs felt fresh the entire time.


That's awesome Todd! Thanks for the feedback on how you've been using LactiGo for both the performance and recovery side of things.

Christian V.
United Kingdom

Ironman training

Fantastic product really helps with back to back training

Will B.
United Kingdom

Fact or fiction? Who cares

Despite multiple orders, I will remain a little unconvinced. Yes they have studies but it isn’t a product like preworkout that you can feel working. I have no doubt that at least some of the efficacy is mental but as long as I keep perceiving that I’m less tired, I’ll keep buying it.

Matt Q.
United States

Great updates

Between slightly nicer bottle and the added menthol makes it work faster! Great stuff


We're glad to hear that you are enjoying LactiGo with Menthol, and the recent bottle update! Best of luck with your upcoming rides.

Faye J.
United States


I initially had doubts, but I discovered I was not applying enough product. When I read the directions carefully and followed, the results were awesome. I had a fantastic cycling session and exceeded my expectations. I completed a 63 mile (2300 ft elevation) ride with an avg speed of 16.8. This is one of my best performances for this ride and I rode in HR zone 2. Go legs!


Hi Faye, thanks for getting over your doubts and trying more of the product on an intense ride! We recommend about 10 pumps of the bottle 45 minutes before activity for the best performance gains, but it does fluctuate on the individual and the muscles being targeted. We're happy to hear you found an amount that is really working for you! Congratulations on your performance as well! Do you ever track your rides on Strava? If so, it would be great to see some comparisons of your rides before LactiGo and after! We'll be happy to send you a free bottle if you are able to complete a video for your #LactiGoStory too --> http://lactigo.co/story