Thanks to a unique topical amino acid, Lactigo has been clinically proven to enhance your muscle endurance (as documented by The University of Western States & University of San Diego). By dissolving the buildup of lactic acid and flooding your muscles with energy rich glucose. 

Perfect For Your Sport


these benefits

In less than a minute from application to skin, Lactigo starts the breakdown of lactic acid Improving endurance and reducing your recovery.

Train Harder

Increased Running Distance

Break Barriers

Significantly Faster 

Running Speed

Train Longer

Greater Max (Peak) Speed

Eliminate Pain

Aids in Reducing Muscle Damage

Powerful Antioxidant

Trusted by Elite Athletes & Olympians

Improve Endurance

Full Money Back Guarantee

Competitive Advantage

Results From The Very First Use!


Brittney Reese

Kelvin Gastelum

Kyle Metz

Juan Rekers

Tracy Atkinson

Phil Davis

Kyle Metz

James Ellison

NOthing Artificial, Just Science

In less than a minute from application to skin, Lactigo starts the breakdown of lactic acid Improving endurance and reducing your recovery.

Fast-acting topical

performance gel

Combats lactic acid

buildup at the source

Clinically proven to boost

 endurance and muscle recovery

Works the first 

time you use it

Completely free of steroids 

and artificial enhancements

All-natural formula is activated 

through scientific technology 

How it works

Apply 45 minutes

before exercise

Maximize your workout 

and reduce recovery time

LastiGo lasts 

up to 24 hours



Long Jumper, Olympic Gold Medalist

I've been using LactiGo for a year. It's helped me get that extra boost, helped everything be stable together. Any injuries or slight tweaks, I feel a lot better, I don't feel any pain or anything going into it. I really appreciate what LactiGo has done to my body and helped me achieve another medal. LactiGo is a great product, and I'll continue to use it until I get ready to retire.


MMA Fighter, Bellator Light Heavyweight World Champion

I love LactiGo. Ever since it was introduced to me, I've been putting it on injury sites. I've been putting it on pre workout and post workout. What it does for me is it keeps my body fresh. It allows me to workout so hard in my workouts and recover the next day as if I haven't even worked out. That's the whole game for me. I want to workout as hard as possible each day.


MMA Fighter, UFC

Takes real results for me to be convinced and in all honesty I didn't know what to think... Then I tried it after research and put the knowledge to action and WOW I was blown away at the result I received!! Truly amazing product and thanks for having my back!! Couldn't be better timing.


MMA Fighter, Bellator Light Heavyweight World Champion

By now you’ll have realized by eliminating lactic acid, you will experience more endurance, recover faster, and a pain free workout. And you may begin to wonder how you could use it in your next workout and how it will help when competing in your favorite sport.


By now you’ll have realized that Lactigo is the next big thing in sports scene, with dozens of elite and olympic athletes jumping on board to get a competitive advantage with Lactigo. 

Best of all, you can get that too, whether you want to just feel better in the gym or a little faster on your Sunday training/game day, Lactigo will help. You will experience more endurance, recover faster and perform better.

Satisfaction guaranteed & returns

We know that you're going to love LactiGo, so we're standing behind it with a full refund on the product if you are not satisfied.  Order a bottle, and if you don't like it, you get to keep it anyways.  Contact our support and we'll process your refund without a complex form or return.  In order to protect from fraud, this satisfaction guarantee is valid only for first time customers of LactiGo.  The refund is redeemable for up to two months after a purchase.  Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange your return.  Please note, all shipping charges are non refundable.

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