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This world champion runner has been able to train harder, with less soreness, while using LactiGo muscle recovery

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"I put my name behind LactiGo, it works!" ~ Susan Lynn Cooke


One of the hardest things as an elite athlete, when training for the various middle distances is the lactic acid build up, and the soreness that you experience when you are trying to give your 100%. When you try to race through it, this feeling is inevitably what's going to bring you down during the race. This pain from exertion in your legs and other parts of your body where you're really stressing things out and trying to be the best you can is what makes the difference in a race and training.

I had the perfect trial for LactiGo to test it's effectiveness for me. Two of my coaches were going to put me through sprint and endurance training for 2 hours in the hot, humid Florida heat that can already take a lot out of you. Not only that though, I added one other piece to this! A friend of mine, another runner, had asked me to help her with an 800m time trial. The only time we had to do this was after my 2 hour training session.

I applied LactiGo 45 minutes prior to my two hour session, and then went ahead with my full training. I was surprised to have no soreness in my legs despite it being an intense session. I then reapplied LactiGo before driving off to meet my friend for the 800m time trial.

Susan Lynn Cooke
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The 800m is the worst of the worst of all the races. They have the most pain, due to the lactic acid build up causing the 'piano leg', where you can no longer lift your leg. I knew that I wasn't going to have a lot left in my legs after the 2 hour session earlier in the day.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a comparable time in the 800m to what I would normally have on fresh legs. That was the clincher for me to show that the product works. I had no discomfort in my legs in either session. I applied LactiGo again after, and I continued to have no soreness after training.

LactiGo actually works for me. I have continued using it on a daily basis, as I prepare for upcoming races I have on the books. I have extremely taxing track training taking place right now, and I have been so pleased with what I have seen out of it, that I can put my name behind it, and say "it does work!"


Susan Lynn Cooke

Follow @nbtampamasters's story on Instagram. She is the captain of the "New Balance Tampa Masters Racing Team", and a Masters Elite runner.

Susan has been crushing it, she currently holds these rankings for indoor track

  • Mile - 1st in the world (in indoor and outdoor)
  • 400m - 2nd in the World (1st in the US)
  • 800m - 8th in the World (3rd in the US)
  • 3000m - 9th in the World (1st in the US)