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Why this 1500m Runner has been able to run more, with less soreness, while using LactiGo muscle recovery

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"I am setting new PBs, and have no soreness!"


As a high level competitive runner, training for the 2021 Olympics, I train 7 days a week. That training involves 2 - 3 hard sessions, either off track or on track. Those sessions can add up anywhere from 20 to 30km in one day. Then I have 2 weight room sessions that involve two runs, one in the morning immediately following the weight room session. The weight room session focuses on explosive movements, Olympic lifts, and core exercises. I do a long run once a week. Every other day is filled with 'easy' running in between all of my workouts.

Prior to using LactiGo, after a 30km day of working out, I would be sore and dead legged the next day. This would effect my training on 'easy' days, which would make them feel unbearable, and it would decrease my weight room performance. I just wouldn't feel as fresh, as powerful, or as explosive.

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Now that I am using LactiGo, I feel like I'm able to get in the weight room and be as explosive as I would be in a recovery week. Now when I'm out on my 'easy' runs, my biggest problem now, is slowing myself down, because my legs feel so good, and I don't want to overwork my cardio system!

It's something that you feel right away, and as you do it over time, it becomes a part of your normal training routine.

I don't have any bad tingling sensations, like I did with beta-alanine. Now I have been able to get ride of beta-alanine and just use LactiGo and get better results!

  • My running is way more enjoyable.
  • I feel much better about my training.
  • I'm feeling stronger.
  • I'm feeling more powerful, and I'm able to get more quality work done!

Try LactiGo out today! Take the LactiGo Challenge when you get it (put LactiGo on half your body and do a workout), the results will blow you away.


Mariah Kelly

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  • Bronze medalist in the 1500m event Canadian Nationals World Trials 2019
  • Currently ranked 57th in the world in the women's 1500m event
  • Currently ranked 2nd in Canada in the women's 1500m event
  • 2xNCAA All American (Baylor University)
  • 2xBig 12 Champion (Baylor University)
  • 2xBaylor School Records
  • UW Dempsey Indoor Facility Record and Meet Record 1000m event 2017

My work capacity and times immediately improved using LactiGo

I always keep diligent logs of my workouts, and the results have been amazing since I started using LactiGo. Below is some data from the same workout.

Week 1, I had just started using LactiGo, and already seen a boost over my pre-LactiGo times.

Week 2, is after training with LactiGo for 2 weeks, which allowed me to push even further from the gains in two weeks of top level training.

Week 1 Week 2 - Full LactiGo!
Workout Split 1km Pace Heart Rate Split 1km Pace Heart Rate
1 5:32.2 3:30.1 166 5:29.0 3:25.6 167
2 5:40.3 3.32.7 170 5:27.6 3:24.7 173
3 5:28.8 3:25.5 171 5:26.0 3:23.8 174
4 5:25.4 3:23.4 172 5:23.2 3.22.0 175
5 5:23.8 3:22.4 172 5:18.9 3:19.3 176

I also completed a 5km tempo comparison with the results below... yes, that is a 32 second drop on my 5km time, while having a lower heart rate!

Week 1 Week 2 - Full LactiGo!
5km Tempo 18:31 173 bpm 17:59 169 bpm