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Matt Hanson, 5x Ironman/5x 70.3 champion, uses LactiGo to perform at his best and recover fast

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LactiGo is a revolutionary product that is taking the endurance world by storm. In fact, triathlon greats have already discovered the unbelievable performance benefits offered by LactiGo; greats like 5X Ironman champion, 5X 70.3 Champions, and current record holder for fastest Ironman branded race, Matt Hanson! If a legend like Matt Hanson is taking advantage of LactiGo to swim harder, cycle harder, and run faster than ever before; you know LactiGo is 100%, absolutely effective!

"Trust the science. Trust the product. Use LactiGo for the win."


Matt Hanson

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LactiGo’s advanced formula was designed using some of the most effective compounds in sports science. Together, these create the most powerful performance and recovery aide on the market. When you use LactiGo, you will see:

  • Faster recovery
  • Less fatigue
  • Increased max wattage
  • Higher anaerobic capacity
  • Increased aerobic performance

Crushing PRs, and Recovering Fast!

How it Works

Apply LactiGo

1. Prepare

First, apply LactiGo liberally to your desired muscles 30-45 minutes before athletic activity.

Powerful menthol

2. Perform

LactiGo’s powerful menthol, carnosine, and magnesium formulation immediately start going to work.

Another coat of LactiGo

3. Recover

As your athletic activity comes to an end, apply another coat of LactiGo on your desired muscles.

Reduce downtime

4. Go Again

As you rest, LactiGo continues to reduce muscle soreness, significantly reducing your downtime!

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Multiple Canadian & Pan-American CX Champion

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Cat 1 Racer

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