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Whether you're using LactiGo for performance or recovery, LactiGo is changing the game for everyone from weekend warriors to seasoned professionals.

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Word is getting out, LactiGo is the real deal

Jay Beagle (Canucks)
NHL Veteran, and former Stanley Cup Champion

Jason Jerome
MSed, ATC, LAT, FRCms, FRA, FR, USATF-1, Sports Performance Specialist

Mariah Kelly (Team Canada)
Mid Distance Runner

May 15, 2015

To the staff of LactiGO:

This product has changed the way my teams perform. I used to be the Head Basketball Strength Coach at Indiana University, where I first incorporated this product with my team. We began by only using it on one leg. The results were astronomical! Players came to my office the next day with crazy stories of how their bodies felt, particularly how much better their leg felt that had LactiGO on it. So we progressed to using it on both legs during lifting and conditioning. I could not keep up with the demand. Guys were in my office daily asking for more. This team was able to train harder longer without the soreness the next day. They absolutely did not want to train without this product.

I am currently the Director of Football Strength and Conditioning, and performed the same test with a variety of players from my team. I used different players from every position. Again I had the same result. Guys felt like they could run forever and were not sore the next day. Every day now I have at least 10 players wanting more LactiGO. This product has changed the way I can train my players. We can go harder for so much longer and not have the soreness that would normally be associated with that kind of volume of work. This is a revolutionary product that will change college sports!


Je'Ney Jackson
Director of Football Strength and Conditioning