Nearly a decade in the making, formulated and perfected by scientists and engineers across the globe.

The LactiGo formula research began in 2009 -- an international collaboration of product developers, engineers, scientists and enthusiasts who demanded an all-natural solution to an age-old problem: a lack of muscle performance and/or recovery.

Led by top entrepreneurial minds and a trusted scientific advisory council, the team then set forth and developed a fast-acting topical cream, one that boosts sports endurance without the burden of artificial ingredients or unwanted side effects. The result is 100% legal, all-natural, and proven to work.

The brand itself was developed after formulation, and has evolved over the last 3 years following clinical trials and countless success stories. LactiGo may provide increases in strength or improved stamina. You may not feel sore after a grinding workout. Your recovery time may be reduced. Either way, LactiGo improves performance in nearly 100% of its users.